About ImmoAmerica

ImmoAmerica is about expanding markets, increasing recognition, and enhancing collaboration and referral business in the international Real Estate marketplace for the American and European Real Estate industries.

ImmoAmerica is a digital real estate marketing platform used to promote American real estate in Europe with a name that resonates with foreign brokers, agents, buyers, sellers in Europe.

ImmoAmerica can provide the real estate industry with a viable platform with a brand name that resonates with the foreign buyers, sellers and the public in Europe.

Through its series of language-specific sites focused on American real estate markets, prospective home buyers can prepare for buying a home in the United States, managing their properties while they own it, and selling their properties when they are ready to sell.

By providing a cohesively integrated set of marketing tools and referral platforms that are tailored to the tastes of the country through national domain-specific entry points.

ImmoAmerica’s unique solution is to provide the Real Estate industries in the United States and in Europe with a strategically ‘interoperable’ real estate marketing and business platform as well as a Consumer resource portal that will expand collaboration in the international Real Estate Marketplace from within the European Marketplace.

ImmoAmerica:  A comprehensive resource portal with an integrated set of marketing tools and solutions for Agents and Consumers.